About Us

MyScallywag is a family business owned by Ian, Leanne, Ross and Kevin. All of us are parents. Leanne, Ross and Kevin’s children are now in secondary school and beyond, but it’s the “surprise” of Ian and Kelly’s now 6 year old daughter that has rekindled the family’s love of children.

MyScallywag was born out of our frustration at how difficult it can be to find quality, ethical and eco-friendly child and baby goods.

Our guiding principle is to select the type of goods that we would like for our own children, and deliver that with the level of service we expect when we’re customers.

We do the best we can to bring together quality, ethical and eco-friendly child and baby goods. Meeting these aims can sometimes be difficult and so we are constantly looking out for new ideas and products. We do this by visiting specialist children’s fairs, and we search out manufacturers from all around the world.

By and large we do not sell the kind of goods that can easily be bought in the big children’s stores.

All of us have had careers in the sustainability sector. Ian as a geographer and co-host of a Sustainability radio show. Leanne in the solar industry. And Ross and Kevin in the environmental engineering sector.

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Leanne, Ian, Ross and Kevin September 2018

Leanne Ian Kevin Ross