Renee Irving Lee

Bio: Renee is a Children’s Book Author and Educational Freelance writer who has a diverse background in Education in a variety of settings; including Early Childhood, Special Education and Tertiary Studies.

Posts by Renee Irving Lee:

The importance of stories for kids in their 3 developmental stages

Posted on: 21 Nov 2018

Reading to your child is one of the greatest gifts any parent can give. Stories for kids are so important. Children whose parents read aloud to them every day are almost one year ahead of their same aged-peers who do not receive daily read alouds.    There is no question that parents should be reading to […]

Music to my ears : 10 Benefits of children’s musical instruments and musical play

Posted on: 13 Sep 2018

Bang! Clink! Ding! Crash! Strum! Toot! Twang!  When it comes to musical instruments for kids, when children get their hands on an instrument, parents usually either reach for the ear plugs or cringe with fear. But did you know that experimenting with children’s musical instruments and musical play can help support children in all areas […]

Play based learning: Tips for parents

Posted on: 31 Aug 2018

All children love to play!  Maria Montessori once said that “play is the work of the child” – but even this is a gross understatement of just how important play based learning is to the development of our children.  Play is a time when children can be free to investigate, explore, imagine, create, communicate and […]