baby shower gift ideas - not all babies are the same

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Shopping and preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming.  Surely you don’t need everything that is sold at these baby stores, right?  But all the sales stuff says they’ll make your life with baby easier and more convenient.  Thus begins the struggle of guessing what products you need, versus what you can survive (and thrive) without.

Be happy to know that you do not NEED most things you see at the baby stores.  Yes, there are products available that do make life easier. Some you know right away intuitively, but others you learn about through trial-and-error.  Its true that every baby is different; however, there are some many baby items that experienced mums highly recommend every new mum should have.  Add these to your baby shower gift ideas list if you haven’t already:

A High Quality Sound Machine

You may find that you end up having a sound machine with you at all times; in your car, your pram, at the grandparent’s house.

Life in a womb is 24/7 noise – heart beat and tummy rumbles at night and during the day, muffled versions of all the noises you’d expect. Silence at bedtime must be a big shock to a new baby!

A familiar white noise can help your baby settle into its new world and soothe it to sleep.  The thing about babies is that no two are alike. Some are good sleepers and others are terrible. Even the sleep school headmistress couldn’t get my little girl to sleep! What works for one baby will not necessarily work for another.

Many parents have sleep time success with sound machines. Find one with several settings and a long battery life.  No more lying on the floor next to the cot because you became light-headed shushing your baby to sleep; the sound machine will do that for you!

Here’s three that we like…

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise

The Hatch Baby is very popular. It’s 1683 Amazon reviews are mostly raving. Although it has manual controls, the Hatch Baby operates best using your smartphone’s Bluetooth.  Its powered by micro USB (no batteries). That means that you could also add an external phone charge battery to make it portable.  I use a Cygnett Powerbank.

The Hatch Baby has 3 functions:

Bubzi Owl

The Bubzi Owl battery operated sleep aid plays lullabies, bird song, and a heartbeat sound. It has a star-projector and soft night light. The cover is washable. This one automatically times out. Once again, hundreds of positive Amazon reviews.

Baby Susher

Baby Susher is fairly new on the market and so does not have reviews yet. It is a bare-bones battery operated sleep aid that makes a rhythmic sushing sound. It has 15 minute and 30 minute timer options.


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