baby shower gift ideas - not all babies are the same

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Shopping and preparing for a new baby can be overwhelming.  Surely you don’t need everything that is sold at these baby stores, right?  But all the sales stuff says they’ll make your life with baby easier and more convenient.  Thus begins the struggle of guessing what products you need, versus what you can survive (and […]

Donations of prams, cots, high chairs and car seats to an Op Shop can be unsustainable. Many Op Shops are not able to check if the goods meet current Australian Safety Standards so they are sent to land fill.

Here’s why donating baby goods to Op Shops is unsustainable


We all want to buy goods that meet international standards for manufacturing, ethical treatment of workers, and the environment (see table). Manufacturer’s responses to this vary… Some boast about the standards they meet. Some are cagey. Some green wash. Some are simply too small to afford the assessment process. Some can back their “claims” with […]

Stories for kids are important in each of their 3 developmental stages. This includes reading to unborn baby.

The importance of stories for kids in their 3 developmental stages

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Reading to your child is one of the greatest gifts any parent can give.  Children whose parents read aloud to them every day are almost one year ahead of their same aged-peers who do not receive daily read alouds.    There is no question that parents should be reading to their children as young as possible […]

Introducing Green Toys Eco Toys – 100% Recycled Toys


Green Toys Inc. is an eco-friendly toy company. They are committed to sustainability and playfulness as a path to inspiring their passion in others. Green Toys uses 100% recycled materials to produce safe toys manufactured according to the high ethical and environmental standards in California. They have a belief that the best way to encourage […]

Introducing Plan Toys wooden toys


Plan Toys is an eco-friendly and ethical Toy Company based in Thailand. They treat the environment well and they treat their staff well. And they make the most beautiful wooden toys. We are so happy to stock them. Their wooden toys are made from reclaimed rubber woods and are especially important during a child’s first […]

Children's musical instruments & musical play help child development.Music helps kids engage with people & environment.Birth to 6 are the most crucial years - MyScallywag

Music to my ears : 10 Benefits of children’s musical instruments and musical play

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Bang! Clink! Ding! Crash! Strum! Toot! Twang!  When it comes to musical instruments for kids, when children get their hands on an instrument, parents usually either reach for the ear plugs or cringe with fear. But did you know that experimenting with children’s musical instruments and musical play can help support children in all areas […]

Building a sand castle is one example of play based learning

Play based learning: Tips for parents

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All children love to play!  Maria Montessori once said that “play is the work of the child” – but even this is a gross understatement of just how important play based learning is to the development of our children.  Play is a time when children can be free to investigate, explore, imagine, create, communicate and […]

Why buy Baby Earmuffs and Kids Earmuffs?


Have you ever wanted to take your child to a music or sports event, but couldn’t because the noise there was too loud for them? Loud sounds are distressing to young children for good reason – their anatomy is different to adults. Their hearing can be damaged by both sudden very loud noises, and constant […]

What are the best kids headphones?


Why YOU Need Kids Headphones Choosing the best kids headphones for your child is important because the wrong headphones could damage their hearing. In many households kids headphones are essential items. If your household is anything like mine, Bananas in Pyjamas and my preppy’s homework apps are enough to drive me insane sometimes. Travelling is […]

Hearing damage can be avoided by using baby earmuffs, kids earmuffs, kids headphones and a quiet hair dryer.

4 Things that Could Damage your Child’s Hearing


Babies and young children have thinner skulls and smaller ear canals than adults. That means that they are at greater risk of getting hearing damage from a loud sound than adults are. Some experts say that a child’s ears are likely to perceive sound up to 20% louder than an adult’s. So, if you’re heading […]