Earmuffs for Kids


Ems for Kids Earmuffs are the worlds first folding, compact hearing protection earmuffs for kids over 6 months of age. They’re light weight and an average noise reduction rating of 26db

EMs for Kids Earmuffs are the world’s first folding, compact hearing protection Earmuffs for Kids over 6 months of age.
Weighing only 190 grams, and small enough to fit in your hand, Ems for Kids are compact, fun, and functional.
EMs for Kids Earmuffs have an average noise reduction rating of 26db. In lay-person’s speak, this should make 110 decibel chainsaw noise fall within the 85 decibel peak, above which can cause hearing damage for children.
Please note: EM’s for Kids Earmuffs are NOT a toy. They should always be used under adult supervision.
Q: Why earmuffs for kids?
A: Children have thinner skulls and smaller ear canals than adults, so they are at greater risk of getting hearing damage from a loud sound than adults are. Some experts say that children perceive sound up to 20% louder than an adult’s. Hearing damage is caused by a combination of loudness and time of exposure. So, the louder the noise, the shorter the length of time your child should be exposed to it.
Q. What are the qualities of good kids earmuffs
A. Kids earmuffs should…
* Reduce noise to a maximum peak volume of 85 decibels (a chainsaw at a safe distance is around 110 decibels).
* Fit snugly while also allowing some ambient noise. Otherwise you won’t be able to raise your child’s attention
* Be comfortable and fashionable so that your child will actually wear them
Q: What do the letters and numbers on the side mean?
A: These are the international safety standards that EM’s for Kids Earmuffs meet. ANSI S3.19
– ANSI S3.19 is an American National Standards Institute Standard
EN352-1: 1993 is a European Standard
Q: How old should my kid be?
A: All ages over 6 months. Babies have soft heads so you should use the specially designed Ems for Bubs for them.
If Ems for Kids are too tight, you can stretch them between two back-to-back chairs overnight.




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